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[Translations] Last Friends' filming wraps up!

Translated the latest report about Last Friends from Juri-chan's official site. The end of filming. How sad~ Hopefully the SP episode would be a good one. =)

Crank up!![2008.06.17]
by Juri's Manager

Last Friends wrapped up it's final shooting at last!
Reflecting on it, since the practice for Motocross started in February, it's already 4 months.
It has been a very fulfilling journey indeed.

This time around, to be able to work together with actors of the same age(generation), it was more enjoyable than usual. I think Juri-chan manage to learn a lot from the experience.
Together with the staff, we went through a lot to be able to create this piece of work, and received a lot of different reactions/feedbacks. We're really glad.

This week, the final episode at last...
Please look forward to it.


Juriart section~ [2008.06.17]
by Juri

It's finally the day for crank up(wrap up).
What's left are both the last episode and the Special episode. Everyone, please keep watching till the end okay?

This time, I play the role of a character with gender identity disorder, Kishimoto Ruka. Even though there are difficult parts, for myself, I've obtained a truly great experience out of it.

This person known as Kishimoto Ruka, I hope that it will remain in everyone's heart. Forever...


Mezamashi News visits the set of LAST FRIENDS crank up and interviews people from the street. Watch the videos here:
7.30am (5:33minutes) | 6.40am (2:20minutes)
or download here (100MB)(click the 2nd red link on the green bar).
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