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21 August 2008 @ 08:42 pm
The 57th Japanese Drama Academy Awards - Results~  
Yes~ As expected Juri won for Best Supporting actress! I personally thinks she deserves to be listed as the main actress alongside Nagasawa Masami in the first place. But at least she gets to add a variety to her repertoire of awards, since she already has a Best Actress awards for Nodame 2 years ago. Last Friends really did very well though. It swept most of the awards except two of the big ones, Best lead for Male and Female. Results from the latest issue of The Television(20/8) below the cut.

List of Awards
(Those (1,1,1) beside just means the ranking after voting of (The Television readers, official judges, TVcritics/reporters))

Best Drama:
1) Last Friends (1,1,1)
3) Around40
4) Gokusen3
5) Osen

Best Male Lead:
1) Takuya Kimura(CHANGE)
2) Hayami Mokomichi(Zettai Kareshi)
3) Mizobata Junpei(Hachiban Diver)

Best Female Lead:
1) Nakama Yukie(Gokusen3)
2) Amami Yuki(Around40)
3) Nagasawa Masami(Last Friends)

Best Male Supporting:
1) Nishikido Ryo(Last Friends) (1,1,1)
2) Eita(Last Friends)
3) Abe Hiroshi(CHANGE)

Best Female Supporting:
1) Ueno Juri(Last Friends) (1,1,1)

2) Fukatsu Eri(CHANGE)
3) Saki Aibu(Zettai Kareshi)

Best Drama Song: Prisoner Of Love - Utada Hikaru(Last Friends)

Best Directors: Kato Hiromasa, Nishisaka Mizuki, Endo Mitsutaka (Last Friends)

Best Screenplay/Script: Asano Taeko (Last Friends)

Translation of Juri's comments:

"It has been said that it's a tough role, but I enjoyed acting as Ruka. She's not someone you can categorize as white or black, just one who belongs in the grey area. Though Ruka has a strong sense of justice, she still isn't a perfect being. There are feelings like jealousy and various wounds in her heart. That particular side of her which is a little naive, I took a lot of great care while going into it. Working together with actors/actresses from the same generation and young directors as well as the staffs, I really felt a great sense of unity. On set, we would always enjoy our time together. Though there were down times too, being able to produce such a great piece of work and also meeting Ruka, I'm really glad."


Congrats to Juri-chan, Hikki, and the people behind Last Friends!! Thank you for converting me into Jurism~ =)

apatots: gokusen3apatots on August 21st, 2008 03:07 pm (UTC)
oh i love juri! ^___^ adorable juri.
Azimidorius on August 22nd, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
Awesome how Last Friends dominated most of the wins. 8D that's what i call epic win
fujii_itsukifujii_itsuki on August 22nd, 2008 03:31 am (UTC)
Yeah, since LF didn't have a male lead, the only category they lose out on was the best female lead. I'm really wondering how it would turn out if instead of Masami, it was Juri who faced off with Yankumi@Nakama Yukie. Would certainly be a more interesting battle.
shirojashiroja on August 22nd, 2008 05:30 am (UTC)
Well, I am happy with this list, for the most part. Juri certainly deserves to win the Best Supporting actress by a landslide (I heard she got 3 times as many votes as second placed Eri Fukatsu), she's the overwhelming favorite and breakout performance of the season. Really, not saying this as a Juri-fan, but everyone remembers Ruka. :)

Last Friends winning 6 out of 8 drama awards just goes to show that it had the most buzz and momentum going for it out of all the dramas in the spring season. And Last Friends climaxed perfectly in its last episode. It's quite a feat for a drama that started with 13 points ratings to hit 20 points by the end, but LF managed to reel more and more viewers in (through questionable methods, but still..). Usually, the drama with the highest buzz sweeps most of the awards. Nothing new here. What's surprising is that this time, it is not a Kimutaku drama that cleans up the awards. Haha. They still had to vote him best actor though (old habits die hard? lol. I think Juri is now in the unique position in that she's recognised as a good actress by media and critics, but she's also gaining popularity with the younger generation of viewers. So, if she were to be nominated for best lead actress, I believe that Juri would've beaten Nakama Yukie in this round. For sure. Yukie winning for recycling her role as Yankumie for the 3rd time? Oh blimey. *rolls eyes*
fujii_itsukifujii_itsuki on August 22nd, 2008 07:10 am (UTC)
Wow, 3 times more votes than the 2nd place?? Awesome~ =D I guess I shouldn't be surprised since she probably had most of the females reader's votes judging from the previous Oricon poll results. ;) But still, the main thing is one's acting skillz~ As you said, Juri as Ruka was trully THE breakout performance of the season. For someone who have won the Best Actress award 2 years ago, it might not be that special but I think the fact that she won it for a role like Nodame made her current performance or rather her transformation into Ruka even more incredible. The award this time is an evidence of that. And for once, I think she has broken out of the Nodame mold that people always associate her with.

I'm happy with the result for the most part too. I wouldn't say that it ended perfectly since I think the last couple of episodes could have been handled better. But it doesn't matter since it's still one of the most awesome dramas for me(I wouldn't say one of the most enjoyable...ugh, I love and hate the angst). And yeah, it's totally rare for a drama to have such a huge upward trend in the first place. But to have it start with 13 points and slowly increase by each episode till about 22 points in the final ep is no joke especially in these fickle times. Kinda shows that there's something there that hooks people in and keep them glued. Well, Juri's obviously one of the something. Heheh. ;)

CHANGE was the one with the biggest hype from the start wasn't it? Like any other KimuTaku shows, it was expected to bring in viewers and win awards. Though both are FujiTV shows, the one that wasn't given much hope given the themes that it deals with was the one that rose to the occasion. Takuya Kimura winning was expected though. As was Nakama Yukie. Btw, I have to agree that Juri would probably have beaten Yankumi the 3rd anyway. And the TV critics agreed with us since they didn't even rank her in the top 3. The results were pretty mixed.

And like Juri, Utada's Prisoner of Love certainly was ahead of the field. Probably the best ever drama theme song for me. =)
Chronicles1289: fruitchornicles1289 on August 23rd, 2008 04:30 am (UTC)
Cute icon btw. What magazine did you pull that from?

Good to hear though she won. I've been too busy watching the Olympics, away from my computer. XD

I have to say, for my first j-drama, I really liked it. It was certainly a great way to jump start my interest in Asian television again.

By the way, that picture of Juri... looks hilarious, when I first saw it, I actually thought that was KimuTaku. Until I gave a better look and was like, oh crap, that's Juri. Whoops. lol.
fujii_itsuki: nyaafujii_itsuki on August 23rd, 2008 08:21 am (UTC)
I've posted it~ ^^

Well, the Olympic is almost done with. I'm only halfway through the first part of Shiawase no Switch...

Wow, first J-drama eh? Lemme guess. Nodame was your second?

Lol~ First YamaP and now KimuTaku? Go get your eye checked~! XP
Chronicles1289: wtfchornicles1289 on August 23rd, 2008 11:52 pm (UTC)
Haha, you guessed right.
I thought I was going to hate it, but totally captivated me. I caught myself saying this a lot (because I was watching Last Friends at the same time) "Oh my God, is that really Juri?" Cause she's like a totally different person here!

I haven't found a good drama since those two. I tried watching Code Blue... just wasn't convincing enough. Though The Flower Shop without Roses is pretty clever.

And I got my eyes checked, they work. Slightly. I think it's more of the many facades of Juri I see on a daily basis. lol.
fujii_itsukifujii_itsuki on August 24th, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I imagine it would have been a cool experience, watching it at the same time. =D 2 totally different dramas with totally different characters acted so brilliantly by the same person. It's not just limited to the outward appearance, you find yourself totally believing that she's that character. Just awesome~ I think I'll recommend doing that to my friends next time. ;)

Indeed, Code Blue was the typical JDrama I guess. Dilemma of the week followed by a 'clean' resolution. I suggest you check out The Queen's Classroom or Joou no Kyoshitsu if you want a great drama. Or Orange Days for something with a real Last Friends feel(friendship minus all the cheap thriller moments). It has Juri-chan too. Tho it's a small role.
leyyleyy on August 22nd, 2008 06:13 am (UTC)
congratulations to the LF team, especially to Ueno Juri whose Ruka character she played excellently. I was kinda hoping Eita would bag the best supporting actor though...I can't think of other artists who could have portrayed the asakura character effectively but no less than kimura takuya..

to the rest congratulations!! :) thanks for sharing the results :)
fujii_itsukifujii_itsuki on August 22nd, 2008 07:29 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was kinda interesting that Ryo got the best supporting male award in 'straight sets'(1,1,1). I would have expected Eita to win at least one of the judges or critics's votes. (For readers...kinda impossible with the legions of fangirls out there). Though the character Takeru could have been developed more, I believe Eita did a great job with what little he has been given. The chemistry with the other characters, especially Ruka was awesome~ Let's hope that he'll get a chance to show his full ability as a lead actor in a drama soon.