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[Translations] Pre-finale Last Friends special~ (radio)

As promised~ In Masami's radio show on 15/6(Sun), she was on the set of Last Friends(filming for last episode). The guests were: Juri-chan, Eita, Asami and Yamazaki Shigenori(Ogurin). It made me smile listening to them talk and laugh just like the share house members we see on the drama.^^ So here's a rough translation of most of the conversation(summarised and skipped some not so important parts). I tried to get all of Juri's parts though. It's funny how she seemed to be switching between Ruka or Nodame mode. =3

Before that, download link for full radio show posted previously: Click me
(it's probably better if you read the below while listening to it)

[RADIO] Nagasawa Masami's Pre-finale Last Friends special (29:02)

(Intro talk + Prisoner of Love)
Masami: Tonight, Pre-Finale Last Friends Special! Today, we escape from our usual studio to be on the set of Last Friends drama at Odaiba's Wangan studio~

(Introduction of casts- Juri, Eita, Asami, YamaShige)

Masami: Really thank you everyone for being here. So, it's been 3 months since the drama started, what's left is the last episode on the 19th. How does everyone feel about it? Almost time for the finale. Juri-chan?
Juri: Un~ It's fast.
Masami: Fast right? But everyone really got along very well and had a fun time together, wasn't it nice?
Juri: Don't say it in past tense da yo~ *Nodame mode*
Masami: Ah, sorry. ^^;
Everyone: (LOL)
Asami: Try "It's fun isn't it"
Masami: Yeah, it's fun isn't it?

Part 1(Q & A)
Masami: This time, the drama is a pretty serious one, so I wish to ask a few questions about it. I'll be glad if everyone could try answering them~
Masami to Eita: Did you felt any pressure(while filming)?
Eita: Yeah. During the first day, there was a hair/make scene and I haven't really learn how to do all those things yet so it was a little sudden. Even my hands started shaking when holding the brush. I didn't know what to do and really felt like running away!
Everyone: (LOL)
Ogurin: Well, I guess the shaking enhances the make up application eh?
Asami: Ah, that's probably true, like the powdering part especially~

Masami to Asami: Did you have any difficulties in building your character, Asami-chan?
Asami: It's the first time I play a character so high-spirited. So during the first filming of the share house scene, it was tough trying to raise the tension. But slowly, I became used to it.
(some inside joke here)
Ogurin: Is this DJ okay? She's drifting away from the topic~

Masami to Juri: What can you tell us about uneasiness, or loneliness or your feelings about the lunch bento on set, Juri-chan?
Juri: Eh...when Michiru left the house, became lonely.
Masami: Ah~ I was lonely too.
Juri: My opinions about~the lunch bento~on set?
Asami: You treated us the other day didn't you? Joujou-ben.
Masami: That's right! That's right! Thanks you Juri-chan~
Juri: Today as well, Masami prepared the curry dish for me.(those who watched MentoreG would know which one. Masami said she catered for it to be served on set before.)
Asami: Really?
Ogurin: The same curry as the other day?
Masami: Yup. Yup, everyone should eat it together!
Ogurin: That was really good!
Juri: And that curry, it appeared in my dream today.
Masami: For real??
Ogurin: Ah, dream that comes true~ (Masayume)
Masami: Masayume?
Juri: It's like this, "Put some onions, then scoop it up and eat" next, "scoop up some corn and eat it", it appears as if someone was teaching and someone was eating. Then, after that it was like "put everything in!". I ended up dreaming of myself eating. (laughs)
Masami: Then, how about we all have a meal together afterwards? Here at Wangan studio. Even though it's on such short notice. As for the question & answer session, I think that's it for the first round. For Ogurin, there are no questions (lol)...
Ogurin: It's fine. Fine. Next~

Masami: I've worked with everyone for the first time and some for 2nd time. After this collaboration, did your impression of me changed?
Asami: Hmm, about Masako...I mean Masami-chan...
Juri: Masako sounds good. =3
Asami: My impression changed. I thought she'd be more 'heh', but-
Masami: Something like a peaceful lovable idiot type?
Asami: (lol) Nah, more like a fluffy feeling, gentle and soft like a Mashimaro.
Ogurin: But she is soft.
Masami: Eh~ Did everyone else feel that way too?
Eita: For me, I have the impression of Masami-chan always smiling/laughing. I say it often in interviews. But when I met her the first time and she really laughed, I thought to myself "Ah, as expected. How nice~"
Asami: How disgusting! That expression~
Everyone: (LOL)

Masami: Juri-chan?
Juri: For me...Before this, there was once during a prize giving ceremony(2005), I saw (Masami) just beside me.
Masami: Really!?
Juri: Seeing Masami from behind, I thought, "Ah, it's Masami-chan~" It was my first time seeing her in real life. She was wearing a nice dress with this elegant feeling, I had a really cool image then. "So she's this kind of girl, so adult-like". But then when we actually work together, she's really...how do you say it..."Hehehe", she gives off that kinda feeling all the time. Un~ It's interesting.
Masami: (lol) Really~ Thank you very much! Yamashige-san, what about you?
Ogurin: Eh, there's time left for me? Can I speak now?
Masami: Your impression~
Ogurin: Well, last year, during the filming for Proposal Daisakusen, I was there too, but we didn't really talked much on set....
Masami: Well, forget about it then~
(haha, poor Ogurin)

(Talks about trying to meet their favourite comedian, Gekidan Hitori that was filming in the next studio. Juri, Eita and Asami's antics and being so 'imaginative'. Masami and Ogurin were kinda envious seeing the good relationship between the 'Nodame team' threesome.)

Masami: For me, being able to collaborate with people and especially actresses of the same age(generation) is a rare thing. So, this time I feel really blessed to be able to work with everyone here. I've received a lot of encouragement/challenge.
Asami: Thank you.
Masami: And also, since we're about to reach the end of filming, I have something to confess. Juri-chan's film, "Joze and the tiger and fish", I really love it!
Juri: You've said it once before didn't you?
Masami: Ah, sorry.
Ogurin: Oh, it's the 2nd time?
Juri: When we first met, she already mentioned it.
Masami: Right, we had an interview session together. I still think it's really good. That's why-
Juri: Thank you. Ah, 'that's why' what?
Masami: Because I loved it a lot, that's why I really wanted to have a collaboration with Juri-chan. And after we actually get to act together, I really received a lot of great challenges, as actresses of the same age. It's a really good learning experience for me. Eita-kun as well...(talks about how she watched his other works as well but they don't believe her. And about Asami's Pantene comercials. Very cool. Dunno why she's laughing that much...)
Masami: Well, that's about it since there isn't much time left.
Ogurin: Me?! Nothing about me?? Well, it's fine...
Masami: After this, an enlightening talk featuring 4 of the casts...er, 5 of the casts.
Juri: Is it ok for YamaShige-san to join too?

Part 2(exposing a secret they know about each other)
Masami: Then I'll start with the first one(written on pieces of paper randomly picked). "Only I alone know, Mizukawa Asami's secret: She keeps/rears a pig"...
Juri: ...Who? Who wrote that? WHO WROTE THAT?? (whoa~scary)
Ogurin: Um, it's probably me...
Juri: She keeps a pig? *imagine her staring at Ogurin*
Masami: You actually didn't need to say you wrote it since it's supposed to be anonymous...(lol)
Ogurin: You didn't mention it earlier!
Juri: Seriously, please explain to us.
Ogurin: Well since I already admitted it, let me explain...is it ok?
Asami: It's fine.
Ogurin: When Mizukawa-san laughs...she uses her nose. *demos*
Everyone: (LOL)
Ogurin: That's why I've always wondered if she keeps a pig with her around the studio or something.
Asami: That's what happens when you breathe in large amount of air suddenly. *demos* (lol) Sorry, I'll be more careful next time.
Ogurin: No, it's really ok. It's just been on my mind.
Masami: I guess after being together all these while, we're all used to it. Everyone is able to accept this part of her right? I do.
Juri: Yes. This is the real Mizukawa.
(Others agree)

Masami: Then, Asami-chan please draw the 2nd one~
Asami: "Only I alone know, Nagasawa Masami's secret: She has Mizukawa Asami-san's bad habits."
Masami: Was it you? (Hmm, not sure who she's refering to, but the bad habit probably means the pig laugh part~) Eita-kun~
Eita: "Only I alone know, Juri-chan's secret: Juri-chan really likes to eat, she eats like everything's delicious, just now as well, she ate big portions of rice."
Juri: You knew about that eh, Asami-chan?
Everyone: (LOL)
Masami: This totally isn't anonymous anymore~
Juri: Nakano-san treated (me) once. Producer-san treated too.
Asami: They were all in big portions too! But she was like *slurps*. Ate like it was all so good.
Juri: I ate em' all~
Masami: You're quite a big eater? Juri-chan?
Asami: She eats quite a lot.
Juri: Hmm. I eat properly.
Asami: It's a good thing.
Masami: It really is, isn't it?
Juri: Un~ It was delicious.
Masami: (lol) I wanna follow~ Next one please.
Juri: This...I wrote this one. Ended up drawing my own one, but oh well..."Only I alone know, Eita's secret: He tries to control his hair by pinning it down but it still doesn't work and end up looking all weird. (couldn't get the rest)"

Masami: There really isn't much time left, so that's all for today. Finally, the highlight of the last episode.
Eita: Hmm, relationship between each other is really good. The team work is perfect.
(goes off topic)
Eita: I think a radio that has a presenter that really looks you in the eyes while talking is a good radio, like this one.
Masami: Really? Finally, I got praised! Juri-chan, what about you?
Juri: The highlight...Hmm. Everyone...really had a good time.
Asami: It's really hard to express right?
Everyone: Yup.
Asami: It's like you'll only understand when you see it.
Masami: Then, Yamashige-san?
Ogurin: Well, each and everyone carried their own feelings into it and manage to get to this stage. At the end, as expected, we should all look forward, and...Why are you all laughing while I'm talking??
Masami: Yah~ It just felt kinda weird...
Ogurin: It was really fun. Together with everyone at the share house.
Masami: Ok. So, the drama Last Friends-(lol)
Ogurin: No response??
Masami: Thank you everyone and let's do our best till the end~!

Phew. That's a long one. Sorry I couldn't translate everything(and took liberties on a couple of parts...) but hopefully everyone enjoyed it anyway~ =3
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