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[NEWS] VOGUE NIPPON Women of the Year 2008

Another award for our beloved Juri-chan!! She is one of the 9 winners of 『VOGUE NIPPON Women of the Year 2008』. Omedetou, Juri!
Vogue Nippon Official Website

News (2008.11.27) from YeinJee's Asian Journal

Vogue Nippon magazine has recently announced the winners of its “Women of the Year 2008″ contest. The annual list presents the outstanding Japanese women of the year in various fields, primarily in the pop culture industry.

The nine winners of Vogue Nippon Women of the Year 2008 are actress Aoi Miyazaki, actress Juri Ueno, comedian Harumi Edo, softball player Yukiko Ueno, Buddhist activist-writer Jakucho Setouchi, singer-writer Mieko Kawakami, talent-idol Suzanne, manga artist Yukari Ichijo and actress Kanako Higuchi…

Translations on above interview (thanks to roon in J-D):

Q1: What was your happiest moment in 2008?
A1: Seeing the setting sun on a beach in Maui, Hawaii.

Q2: What book or movie impressed you in 2008?
A2: No work comes to mind.

Q3: What happened in 2008 that touched your heart the most?
A3: When I met a sea turtle while scuba diving.

Q4: Who did you meet in 2008 who touched your heart the most?
A4: The director I met on my Africa trip.

Q5: What would you throw away for love?
A5: Freedom.

Q6: In 5 years, where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?
A6: This work, in Japan.

Q7: What do you want the most right now?
A7: A house in which I can live in with my family.

Q8: What is the image of an ideal woman for you?
A8: A woman who can dress well in white after being acquainted with all the colors.

Q9: Who is the man you've noticed the most in 2008?
A9: None in particular.

Q10: If you became Japan's Prime Minister, what would you do first?
A10: Step down (from being Prime Minister)!


1) Juri's Vogue Interview (Official)

2) 20081126 News 文化艺能部

3) 20081127 Mezamashi

4) 20081127 JijiPana

5) 20081127 Kyodo News

Most of the vids above are news clip from different sources. Basically, they are of similar content, except the 1st one..The choice is yours :P Enjoy watching!
Once again, Juri-chan, omedetou!!

P.S. Thanks to Japan fans for uploading, and baidu.

EDIT: Kyodo News video update. A little more Juri-chan's shot!

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