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As we know, Juri was the special guest director for Ami Sakurai's latest movie, PLANETARIUM. On-set report by Ami Sakurai can be found on previous entry here. (An interesting article where we can observe more "Director Juri")....Now that the official website is activated, you can catch the trailer, staff, cast, story plot, and more in the official site. Below is the introduction of Director Juri in the STAFF page here.

Ueno Juri ------- Special Guest Director (Nobeyama scene)

Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1986. She made her debut in "Joze, the Tiger, and the Fish" (03/ Director Inudo Isshin). Besides, there are "Swing Girls" (04/ Director Yaguchi Shinobu), "Kame wa Igai to Hayaku Oyogu" (05/ Director Miki Satoshi), "Niji no Megami Rainbow Song" (06/ Director Kumazawa Naoto), "Naoko" (08/ Director Furumaya Tomoyuki), "Guu-Guu Datte Neko de Aru" (06/ Director Inudo Isshin), "Kodomo no Kodomo" (06/ Director Hagiuda Koji), and many more. For TV programs, "Nodame Cantabile" (06) as leading actress. Besides, there are "Last Friends" (08), etc.

Juri made her directorial debut with this film. As the senior of Nakatani, the leading actor, in the same jimusho "Amuse"; during the shooting of Nobeyama scene, by being in the similar position as actors/performers to catch the key points, Juri-chan managed to stunningly guide out the conflicted feeling of Kyou (Nakatani's role), hidden in Nakatani's heart.

(From storyboarding to finding location, acting guidance, cutting, shooting angle, directing, editing, all were done personally by Director Ueno)

"Please feel the inner turmoil within Kyou's heart!!"

Watch the TRAILER on the official website or Youtube.

Besides, Juri's sister, Ueno Mana, appears on the cast member and music production...
Looks like Ami Sakurai-san has a really good relationship with Ueno sisters ne...=D
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