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[UPDATE] More Details on Juri's WOWOW Drama

Posting the news translation and details here in case anyone miss it.

  • Title: 上野樹里と5つの鞄
  • Title (romaji): Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban
  • Also known as: Ueno Juri and the Five Bags
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 5
  • Broadcast network: WOWOW
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Sep-03 to 2009-Oct-01
  • Air time: Thursday 23:30
  • Theme song: Kaban no Banka by Ueno Juri
More details on Wiki Addicts and previous post.

Ueno Juri, 1 dorama 5 roles
Posted by HPriest On June - 23 - 2009

Actress Ueno Juri (23) is going to play 5 different roles in the WOWOW short dorama "Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban" ("Ueno Juri and the bags of five" or rather "..and the 5 bags"). Known names like the scriptwriter of "Densha Otoko" Kaneko Arisa or the "Tennen Kokekko" director Yamashita Nobuhiro are going to tell stories related to bags, along with several other young directors and writers. Each of the stories will have Ueno in the starring role and it will be interesting to see 5 totally different faces of her in one and the same dorama.

As mentioned above, it’s not going to be a full-length dorama. Each episode will be 30 minutes long and feature a different story. The main characters of each story will be very different from each other. Ueno will have to play a woman with great guitar and singing abilities, a woman that gets locked in an elevator, a woman going on a flight trip, a confused woman that suddenly gets a call from an old childhood friend and a woman that is trapped in a time-loop ala "Groundhog Day" with her birthday repeating itself day after day.

"It’s fun to work with each of those fascinating directors and writers who all have a different and unique outlook on the world. The stories are going to be short, but from the planning stage I can already tell that they are still going to be very deep." Ueno said with a lot of confidence. It’s a new situation for her as well, to play 5 different roles in such a short time, but she seems to be very ambitious about this project. "I don’t think that you often have the chance to see such a interesting project, so you definitely shouldn’t miss it! It’s a short project this time, but I want to try out various things besides the typical long doramas and I hope you are still going to support it."

This time Ueno is also going to show her other talents when singing the ending song called "Kaban no Banka" (temp). The song is very impressive and has a very fresh melody. Ueno isn’t a complete newbie when it comes to singing, in 2007 she already had her CD debut
with the "Nodame" song "Onara Taisou". Fans can be looking forward to get wowed by her acting and her singing in "Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban".

The short-dorama is going to start airing on September 03.

Written by: www.kawaii-joyuu.com
Source: Sports Hochi

Clearer pictures from TV Life, episode 1 to 5 respectively.


Newspaper scan from Japan fans. Arigatou!!

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