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[News] Oricon Style's most favourite actor/actress poll (15/7/08)

So Oricon Style had a poll for the females readers...and as to be expected, our Juri-chan got #1 for favourite actress~! =D

Link: http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/ranking/56340/

Most favourite actor/actress among females voting results:

From the female readers' comments, other than praising her ability to act various roles, one word is repeated the most..."kakkoi"(cool)~ X3 Indeed.

As for the other female actresses, #2 Ayase Haruka, #3 Aoi Yu. Nagasawa Masami got #6...eheh. I guess if the poll is for guys, there's a high probability she would have won. (In another poll, when given the choice of who they like better, Ueno Juri or Nagasawa Masami, 75% of girls choose Juri-chan while 65% of guys choose Masami.) Anyhow, Ruka's popularity among the viewers definitely helped.

For favourite actor, #1 Mizushima Hiro, #2 Tamaki Hiroshi, #3 Tsumabuki Satoshi and Eita (tied). Yay for Tamaki, Eita and Tsumabuki~ Good thing comes to you when you work together with Juri. Haha. =3
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